Jeffrey Imm Stands Up to The Jews
Has Jeffrey Imm Harassed You?

The list of Jews Jeffrey Imm has targeted for harassment has grown over the past couple of years at an admittedly impressive clip. And while we will continue to critique Imm’s methods of abuse and preference for Jewish victims, we will also keep some content in reserves for when things get heated. And knowing Imm, things will get heated. Imm can only stand not harassing Jews for so long. Then he gets that special Jewy itch that demands scratching. An itch so powerful Imm cannot say no. He is commanded to show how the Jew in question is on the side of Nazis. He must show the Jew he makes squirm (and all watching) see that his victim is “unfortunately digging [his] hole deeper and deeper.” 

Oh, how Imm loves to group his Jews with Nazis. For their benefit, of course. For the Jew’s own benefit, and the benefit of America. 

So if you know something, we are not hard to reach. Let us know. Because though Jeffrey Imm is certainly “well aware you are a Jew,” we may not be aware. So tell us. We will help you. We will back you.

You are not alone.

Choose to fight back.  

Together, we will contain Imm’s antisemitism. 

Jeffrey Imm Covers His Hate With Insipid News Clips

One of the ways Jeffrey Imm pretends to be friendly towards Jews is to praise irrelevant events like this: 

Oh, isn’t that so very inspiring. So now that he praised some interfaith something or other (and of course, put the rabbi first to drive home the point in case you missed it), it gives him cover to go brutally harass an actual intellectual/blogger whom he is “well aware is Jewish.” 

Picking on Jews who are Gentiles

One of the tell-tale signs of an anti-Semite is that they see Jews in their enemies who aren’t even Jewish. 

Jeffrey Imm not only targets Jewish intellectuals for smears and destruction, but he mistakes gentile intellectuals for Jews just like the hardline right-wing anti-Semites do.

This occurred with the writer Guy White, a gentile writer who no longer has a blog, and who stopped blogging after being harassed by Imm. 

Only a trace of Imm’s terror of White is left on Google.

Lest you doubt that Imm’s (false) perception of White’s Jewishness was the issue, let’s take a look at what Imm himself said in regards to his issues with Guy White, on a different blog and a different post railing against Imm’s targeting of yet another Jew.

Let’s say Guy White was lying, and that he was Jewish. Either way, the fact that Jeffrey Imm targeted him because he was Jewish is yet another creepy example of Imm’s anti-Semitic targeting of Jewish intellectuals disguised as “anti-racism.”

Jeffrey Imm’s Patrician Benevolence Towards His Little Brown Brothers

Jeffrey Imm is an example of how white patrician hegemony affects leaders of the Left who are often all too similar to the very types of people they denounce.

Today, Imm attempted to demonstrate how he has solidarity with the Chinese. But this doesn’t make sense, really. How is Jeffrey Imm going to effect anything in or around China? The answer is he won’t. But he will show others that he knows best for the Chinese. That he is a guiding white light to the Chinese. Most importantly, he will show others that he is a guiding white male light to his little brown brothers. 

While this is not a Jewish issue, this pattern is important in terms of both what is similar to Imm’s harassment of Jews he targets, and what is different.

What is similar is Imm’s arrogance towards non-whites generally. What is different is that with non-whites, he focuses more on large foreign entities, usually foreign governments, that he has no effect on. With Jews, he concentrates on individuals he can smear and ideally, destroy.  

Jeffrey Imm is Well-Aware that you are Jewish

Jeffrey Imm is well-aware of his mark’s background. Take for instance, the anti-jihad community. Or should I say, the “anti-jihad” community.

This is strange to put in quotes. Why did Imm put anti-jihad community in quotes? What is he insinuating?

It might help to look further in the conversation at what else he is “well-aware” of about Mr. Press, his mark for harassment.

Read the comments yourself. Imm has serious issues with Jews. It is for that reason that the anti-jiahdist site (note no quotes!) Infidel Bloggers Alliance has noted that Jeffrey Imm is “probably an anti-semite.”

As we continue this blog, we will see that Imm has a special love for harassing Jews, and sees offensive Jews everywhere he travels on the web.

Even when the offending writer isn’t actually Jewish.

Jeffrey Imm Pushes Around the AJC

On of the ways Jeffrey Imm of R.E.A.L. pushes around Jews is by pretending to be friendly towards the organization specifically and the Jewish community generally. In fact, the AJC, one of the leading Jewish organizations, needs no help from Jeffrey Imm. But Imm pretends to be Jewish or something, and then bullies them when the opportunity arises. I have no idea what the issue with this mosque was exactly, except to know that Imm used it as an excuse to bully a Jewish organization without even addressing the problems the AJC were responding to. 


Jeffrey Imm and Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio

Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio of Rockville, MD spoke at an event that Jeffrey Imm of REAL spoke at as well, and heavily promoted. This is an unfortunate development. It is also an unwise one. Mayor Marcuccio is running for re-election, and should not be so casual with assuming the Jewish vote.

Jeffrey Imm’s record of focused harassment of Jews is not hard to find. Someone in charge of the invites for presenters, presumably Susan Horst, screwed up. 


Jeffrey Imm: The Need for Monitoring

Jeffrey Imm continues to be accepted by the progressive community despite his problematic obsession with Jews who do not agree with him. This blog is dedicated to monitoring Imm’s standing in the community, as well as Imm’s anti-semitic harassments.